England Holland bets – UEFA Nations League semi-final

I read the Racing Post on Saturday, ahead of the Champions League final and there was a point about tonight’s game. All the pundits bar one advocated for England, but hopefully Holland can bring out some Cruyff magic and the game shall be more entertaining than the CL final.

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Love Island recap & bets

“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible….” Oscar Wilde

I pledged this year I wouldn’t watch love island. Last year I watched it for the first time curiously, fervently downloading episodes on my phone to watch on the train journey to work and feverishly discussing the events w my bestie.

This year I had no excuse nor intention to watch it.

But when a mate invited me round and told me to come just before 9 it clicked. The new season of Love Island would begin tonight, and suddenly I felt excited. I bought the milk I promised him, then called an Uber to arrive on time.

With a massive spliff and cups of tea, we sat mesmerised, watching the beautiful people, surrounded by their mundane day jobs rip off their clothes, ready for a summer of randy exploits.

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